See, THIS is why we should listen to users

It's a decade ago, and this pilot fish is working as "the computer guy" at a small manufacturing company.

"The previous year, the president had bought a dozen new PCs to go on all the desks around the company, including the shipping department -- which consisted of a good ol' Southern boy," says fish.

"After the computers were in use for about nine months, the shipping guy started complaining about how slow his computer was becoming. I would run the usual cleaners and virus scanners, but really couldn't find anything.

"Then one day, when I was looking at it while he was standing nearby, he remarked, 'It's probably from all the porn I've been lookin' at.' I naturally thought he was joking.

"Just to make sure, I opened up his browser after he left and checked his history. He wasn't lying. I saw page after page of porn sites he had hit, all which would have made Larry Flynt proud.

"I quickly showed the general manager and told him that I had found what the shipping guy had done to slow his computer down.

"I had a lot of time to totally redo his computer -- he was given a mandatory one-week unpaid 'vacation.'"

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