Days later, it's still Thanksgiving leftovers

Flashback to the late 1980s, when a major mainframe update has been scheduled over the long Thanksgiving weekend at the data center where this pilot fish works.

"The data center ops manager wanted to monitor the environment, so he came up with a Radio Shack device that detected changes in temperature, humidity and sound level," fish reports. "It would dial a list of phone numbers to report.

"The center shut down Wednesday night and the update team took over. On Saturday, the security guard found us with local police in tow.

"When the ops manager programmed the monitor, he goofed on the area code. Instead of his phone, it was dialing a local citizen's house -- every 15 minutes for two days, because it didn't like something that was going on.

"When the call was picked up, the local would hear the device report all about temperature and humidity and then open a microphone. The poor local reported the 'crank' call and police traced it to us."

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