What Microsoft's new developer strategy means for CIOs

Microsoft’s cross-platform, open source development and devops tools are maturing

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Connect 2015, Microsoft’s online developer event being held this week, is crammed with announcements of new developer tools and sneak peaks at the future of Visual Studio and C#. If you take a step back from the flood of details, though, there’s a clear direction emerging.

Microsoft is leveraging open source and cross-platform development tools to reach a wider range of developers. Those changes mean CIOs need to think differently about what projects Microsoft’s development tools are suitable for, now that they support far more than only Microsoft platforms.

“We’re working to make innovative tools available to all developers, easy to acquire, and in many, many cases – free,” Microsoft’s vice president for cloud developer services Brian Harry says. “We’re going to continue to focus on enabling every developer regardless of what kind of app they're building and platform they're building it on.”

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