What a deal -- and guess who pays for it?

This big Silicon Valley data center specializes in outsourcing -- and in unbelievable deals, according to a desktop support pilot fish on the inside.

"We had a ticketing system that included different priorities for which there were different cost," says fish. "The higher the priority was on the ticket, the more it cost the company who submitted it.

"Of course, with the higher cost came a shorter service-level agreement. High-priority tickets had a turnaround time of four hours maximum. If it took longer than that, the data center was docked money.

"Then some knucklehead in management decided to make all the tickets the same cost, no matter what the priority was. The way they priced it was that even high-priority tickets now cost the same as a low-priority ticket used to cost. There was absolutely no incentive for any customer not to make every single ticket a high priority -- and that's exactly what they did.

"So now every ticket had a turnaround time of four hours. Are you kidding me? I got out of that place so fast..."

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