No treat, just trick

Manager regularly visits a remote office where this IT pilot fish works -- and he has the risky habit of leaving his wallet out on his desk.

"He said it contained no money, just receipts," says fish. "Now there was a challenge.

"We did some homework and found a local massage parlor near the hotel where he was staying. We made up a fake receipt on a computer and printed it, with the receipt showing that it was for services received from the massage parlor -- including a frequent-customer discount.

"Then we inserted this receipt into the bundle in his wallet and sat back to see what happened.

"We heard later that his wife did the expenses each month and found the receipt. He had a certain amount of explaining to do, because when we produced the receipt we had including the real massage parlor's telephone number. When she called it, all the details matched. The only thing they couldn't do was confirm or deny that the manager was a regular customer.

"After that, he came up to our office a lot less often, and he kept his wallet with him at all times -- and never left it on his desk."

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