Coincidence, redefined

This IT pilot fish's team lead suddenly walks by with a strange expression on his face.

"He said, 'Goodbye, this is my last day,'" reports fish. "Wow, I thought, just one hour's notice!

"I soon found out there were more people in the same boat. We sort of saw it coming -- the new CIO has been on a spending spree, surely to the delight of many vendors, but has produced few tangible benefits. Most of the new systems were idle, taking up space, drawing energy and AC. That got a lot of people in the department upset.

"Then came the traveling circus -- er, damage control. The explanation was that the responsibilities of IT personnel were inventoried with the names and titles taken out. Those with duplicated responsibilities were targeted for 'rightsizing.'

"It just happened that those were the people making the most noise objecting to the new direction. What a coincidence!"

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