4 ways companies can close the legacy tech skills gap

As older IT professionals age out of the workforce, companies need to ensure they have the right knowledge and skills to keep their legacy tech running smoothly.

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As older IT professionals age out of the workforce, companies are employing a variety of strategies to ensure the next generation of technologists can keep their legacy tech running smoothly.

"One of the most significant challenges businesses face when it comes to legacy technology is perception. Generally, in the IT industry, newer is better -- we're always looking for the next hot thing. But these legacy technologies -- like COBOL, mainframes, C and C++, among others -- still have value, and there's still the need for talent to manage and maintain these systems," says Ed Airey, marketing product manager for Microfocus.

Changing that perception requires companies to recruit young technology pros through culture, integration with new technologies and premium pay for talent that learns these skills, and through developing knowledge transfer programs that can help seasoned, experienced IT pros pass their knowledge down to the next generation.

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