How to give resumes a third dimension

SkillGigs uses innovative technology to present a 3D picture of job candidates

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Technology has impacted almost every facet of the job search process from how candidates advertise themselves to how businesses source, recruit and hire talent, but one thing has remained pretty much the same: the resume. It's still one of the best ways job seekers can demonstrate their skills, knowledge and experience to potential employers. And for recruiters and hiring managers, it's a time-honored way to gauge a candidate's value and fit with an organization.

SkillsGig Skillgigs

But a resume is both literally and figuratively a two-dimensional document. It can show only a candidate's previous experience, skills and education -- not their mastery or their competence, or their potential cultural fit within an organization. This third dimension is the focus of auction-based recruiting and hiring marketplace SkillGigs, and it's this that sets it apart from other technology-enabled sourcing and recruiting solutions.

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