Adobe Analytics adds drag-and-drop dataviz

Adobe Analytics Workspace
Credit: Screenshot from Adobe video

Not unlike Photoshop, Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture SiteCatalyst) is known as being a powerful program that's somewhat difficult to use for all but experienced power users. It's not so much that doing things is so hard, but that a) the interface can be somewhat daunting with so many available options and b) it's not always obvious (i.e. intuitive) how to get things done without having had some training.

Adobe is taking a stab at simplifying things for more users across the enterprise with Analysis Workspace. The workspace is a bit like drag-and-drop pivot charts and tables in Excel - there are metrics and segments on the left that you can move into a table's rows or columns, either column/row headers or individual items within a chart. There are various visualization options such as bar, line, donut and area charts as well as a newly added cohort table, which allows comparing the behavior of different audience/customer segments (for a retailer, this might look at purchasing patterns of site visitors who come from Google search vs. Facebook vs. a newsletter campaign).

Analysis Workspace has been in public beta for awhile; today it moves out of beta and adds the admin capability to "curate" lists of metrics and segments for a group of users. The idea there is for Analytics admins to winnow down what can be a massive list of options to just those that might be useful to a specific group -- e-commerce-focused for a sales team, content-focused for marketing (or in our case, writers and editors) and so on.

I haven't had a chance to dive deeply into Analysis Workspace yet in our own implementation of Adobe Analytics, but at first glance it looks more straightforward than, say, trying to teach casual users how to create, save and use custom segments. The Workspace also appears more conducive to data exploration.

Below, a demo video from Adobe:

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