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Scriptshow: Performing five common administrative tasks using Windows PowerShell

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Sometimes it’s easiest to learn something new simply by using it, and to my mind PowerShell is no exception. Often we discover new capabilities and features in looking at what tasks other people are accomplishing using PowerShell, and specifically, looking at how they’re using the scripting language.

In this scriptshow, I take five common tasks and show how to accomplish them using PowerShell. The tasks are:

  • Adding a user
  • Deleting a specific attachment (like one that was a virus or malware payload) from a set of Exchange mailboxes
  • Handling the mailing-list deletion of employees who are leaving the company for any reason
  • Working with CSV files within PowerShell
  • Connecting to some Microsoft cloud services from your on-premises servers

I provide the cmdlets or a script, and then walk you through how I put the cmdlets or scripts together so that you can see the logic of why the scripts work the way they do. You can use these as a launchpad of sorts for further customization or for creating your own daily administrative task scripts, whatever you would find useful. I hope this gives you a real taste of the practical applicability that the PowerShell scripting language can bring to your IT life.

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