Is Virtual Reality finally ready for business use?

After years of waiting in the wings, VR appears poised for prime time

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Virtual reality (VR), one of the technologies that always seems to be waiting in the wings, is finally ready for business prime time. Several new products are available for viewing content from Samsung, HTC, and even Google. Companies like WordViz and Giant Spoon helping generate content. While the initial uses might have more to do with a first-person shooter or a Hollywood movie, business uses are starting to emerge. 

Edwin Rogers, a virtual reality expert who makes tours of apartment buildings, real estate showings and business events, says one possibility is for car dealerships to offer VR tours for new cars and for real-estate agents to offer home tours. He uses the Samsung Gear VR headset, which shows a 360-degree view of a location in a virtual world. When you turn your head, the scene changes in real-time. Look up at the ceiling and you can count ceiling tiles.

 “VR technology is in its infancy and it has not gained mass adoption yet. This is an intelligent smart-phone solution for VR makes the most sense today,” he says. 

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