Hey, it worked at home to speed up Netflix...

This pilot fish's son works for a long-term care facility as a physical therapy aide while he's getting his education in computer science.

"He was in one of the offices, talking with his boss, when an older physical therapist walked in and started unplugging the computers," says fish. "One by one the screens went black.

"Once the shock wore off, my son jumped up and prevented her from unplugging PC number four. He then asked her why she was unplugging the computers.

"Her response: 'My computer is running slow, and I know that if I unplug enough computers, my computer will get faster.'

"My son tried to explain the difference between bandwidth and CPU processing speed to her, but both those concepts seemed to be beyond her grasp. She just grumbled and went back to her PC to continue typing patient notes into Word.

"As she left the room, my son's boss told him to follow her to make sure she didn't try to increase her computer speed in any other offices, while he called IT and let them know what happened."

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