Best cities for tech workers ready to make a move

If you're an IT pro with a strong resume and a bit of wanderlust, check out the 10 metro regions that offer the best potential.

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If you're an IT pro looking to make a career move, the timing is right. According to the most recent Computerworld IT Salary survey organizations are shelling out big bucks to land top IT talent. This year, 67 percent of respondents reported a raise, with only 4 percent reporting a pay cut, compared with 60 percent reporting a raise and 8 percent reporting a pay cut a year.

According to the survey, average compensation (including salary and bonus) is up 3.6 percent in 2015, versus 2 percent in 2014. This year, average salaries increased 3.6 percent, and average bonuses increased 4.6 percent. Of course, those are just the averages. When it comes to metro regions with the biggest bucks to pay IT workers, all cities are not created equal. Want to know what regions are reporting the biggest gains in pay for tech pros?

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