Apple and Adobe: ''Sexist'' men defy diversity demands demo'ing iPad

Eric Snowden's iPad Pro Photoshop Fix demo goes badly wrong. But how come Apple allowed this?

Apple Adobe Photoshop Fix
Eric Snowden

Apple and Adobe loudly criticized for tone-deaf iPad Pro demo: At yesterday's Apple event, Adobe showed off the Photoshop Fix feature, by making a female model smile.

Harmless fun? Innocent adjustment? Feminists think not.

In the background is Apple's ongoing diversity problem. At least this year, Apple had a female designer do a demo on stage. But what was Cupertino thinking allowing Adobe to distract from the shiny like that? Women buy iToys too, you know.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers can't believe they're really watching 21st-century California. Not to mention: Episode IV vs Episode VII...

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Georgia Wells does not sound a bit impressed:

A demonstration of a photography app at the Apple Event on Wednesday that showed how to “fix” a woman’s smile went over badly.

Software maker Adobe’s director of design for mobile apps Eric Snowden took the stage to show a new Adobe app for retouching images...called ‘Photoshop Fix.’ [He] opened the new app, pulled up an image of a female model, and said “I wish she had a little bit more of a smile.” ... Then he dragged a slider on the app back and forth to give the woman in the image more of a smile.

Apple and Adobe didn’t immediately respond for comment.  MORE

Helena Horton hears calls of "sexism":

Aside from the fact they unveiled a ridiculously expensive pencil...they sparked a feminist backlash after 'forcing a woman to smile'.

The gender balance of the event wasn't amazing, with the stage being mainly populated by some thought that in light of that, that it was sexist to 'force a woman to smile.'  MORE

Get it? No? What about if Chris Matyszczyk mansplains the problem?

Someone at Apple thought it was a very fine idea. Perhaps they were were moved by the imagery of the great Donald Trump, who mused [about] Megyn Kelly. ... Women are moody and angry. Men exist to make them smile.

Tech has a bad enough problem not only with recruiting women but also with treating them respectfully and equally. ... So along comes the most event of the year and here's a shtick where we make a woman smile. ... It's not as if Apple isn't conscious of its diversity problems. At [least] the company's senior designer Jen Folse demoed Apple TV. ... Previously, most Apple events had been a series of men promising magic..

[But] Apple is the company of detail. It insists that it puts more thought and more heart into everything it does. [And] Tim Cook has declared that Apple needs to do much more about diversity. ... Did no one look at this demo? ... Instead, it came across suggesting that a 1950s "Come on, baby, give us a smile," still entirely appropriate.  MORE

Jason is Cross:

First woman anywhere in this Apple presser is beautiful model getting her smile adjusted in Photoshop.

ಠ_ಠ  MORE

But Beth Carpenter slightly regrets speaking out:

how did someone at Apple OR Adobe not think through the optics of a dude "fixing" a woman's smile?

they could've photoshopped redeye, or glare, or ANY OF THE ONE MILLION THINGS WE ALL FIX DAILY but nooo, ladies be bitchfacing, must fix.

aaaand my reward is MRAs all up in my mentions telling me to ST*U.  MORE

SRSLY? OMG, she's not wrong -- here are some spittle-flecked replies:

Get a life. Not everything means what your ideologically-addled brain thinks it means.

Because most people aren't offended by everything.

really!? This is the earth shattering matter you comment on? - what about real women's struggles?

The feminists with daddy issues are screaming now.  MORE

Perhaps Patrick Thornton can redress the balance?

I'm not surprised that Adobe is tone deaf, but I'm shocked that Apple allowed them to do that.  MORE

And Finally...
Episode IV vs Episode VII

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