YES! John McAfee runs for President -- this should be good @mcafee2016!

The star-spangled McAfee: More heartache for Intel PR?

John McAfee President 2016

John McAfee is running for the 2016 U.S. Presidency. Break out the popcorn and settle in -- this is bound to be entertaining.

Candidate McAfee is running on a "gov'mint don't grok tech" ticket, with a side-order of "strong crypto is good." Wise words, I guess, but I wonder if the colorful entrepreneur's personal reputation is clean enough to win.

He's not seeking a nomination from the existing two main parties, because he's starting his own: the "Cyber Party." (Something about steering a boat? I dunno.)

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder if the foreign-born AV millionaire is even eligible. Not to mention: John "NSFW" McAfee...

curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Alex Jones and Mikael Thalen have the "exclusive" info:

The McAfee anti-virus software founder said his “team actually filed today formally” with the Federal Election Commission. ... “A number of people have been advising me to run, urging me to run,” McAfee said.

McAfee stated his desire to run was rooted in both the government’s gross misunderstanding of technology [and] the overwhelming need to restore the privacy rights of American citizens.  MORE

So Issie Lapowsky swears like a sailor:

If you didn’t think the 2016 election season could get any more bat**** crazy than it already is, now, John McAfee—the self-described “eccentric millionaire”—says he is...joining the 2016 presidential race.

McAfee says he does believe the government is broken, largely because its leaders don’t understand technology as well as, well, he does. He points to the recent hacks of the [OPM] and Homeland Security as proof. ... McAfee argues that the fact that the government is urging tech companies like Apple to create so-called “backdoors” into their another sign that public servants just don’t get it.

But McAfee’s backstory is still a tad colorful for politics, even in the age of Trump..  MORE

And Chris Williams calls him a "playboy":

Move over, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It appears paranoid wild man of computer security John McAfee is running.

It could be a complete prank, of course. The address given for his candidacy is in Alabama whereas [he] lives in Tennessee – although his campaign could be organized from Alabama.  MORE

Err, wait, pause... McAfee was born in Scotland, wasn't he? Mario Trujillo explains why that's OK:

McAfee is eligible to run because he was born on a U.S. Army base in the United Kingdom to an American serviceman. ... His mother was of British decent. Sen. John McCain...has a similar story.

The biggest focus of McAfee in the news in recent years surrounded his fleeing of his home in Belize after authorities looked to question him about the murder of his neighbor. He was described as a person of interest but not a suspect. ... Belize’s prime minister had described his reaction to the situation as paranoid.  MORE

Meanwhile, Graham Cluley ponders false positives:

Intel is keen to point out [he] has not been involved with the McAfee anti-virus products since around the mid-1990s.

He's always been a successful attention seeker. So, a US presidential run seems quite in character.

Next week, Fridrik Skulason will be on the front cover of Sports Illustrated's swimwear edition and Dr Alan Solomon will be pronounced Pope.  MORE

Also, James T. Wood tries turning it off and on again:

I wonder if @mcafee2016 can uninstall @realDonaldTrump or if we have to reformat.  MORE

And Finally...
McAfee calls this an accurate profile of him
[Warning: NSFW language and visuals]

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