At least she didn't use the Recycle Bin this time

Temp worker in this organization's finance department sends pilot fish a trouble ticket: I'm not sure what happened to the information in my folders called Important and Don't Delete. Can someone please assist me in getting it back?

"Since most files are stored on the network drive and backed up nightly, I went ahead and pulled up the folder structure from the most recent backup," says fish. "However, there are no 'Important' or 'Don't Delete' folders. Going back a week doesn't produce them either.

"I called the user to get more information and remotely access her computer to see where these folders were. She said they were in Outlook. Silly me.

"After checking Deleted Items, I asked her where the two folders used to be located, and she showed me: Right under the RSS Feeds folder!

"She had created new folders under there and moved all her super-important emails there -- and per the retention policy set on the Exchange Server, everything was permanently deleted after a week.

"I told her to use the 'Recover Deleted Items' tool and see if she had any luck there. But really -- who puts things in the RSS Feeds folder anyway?"

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