Turns out finger-pointing can get VERY pointed

Something has gone very wrong in the course of a consulting engagement involving several companies -- and in the wake of the incident, a software consultancy is blaming this pilot fish's company both for creating the problem and for attempting to frame the consultancy for causing the incident.

That's when fish is brought in to investigate for his company. "We took a copy of all the relevant files, time-stamped with their modification dates, so we could not be accused of making evidence up," says fish.

"Then we reverse-engineered the change to the file, proved the consultant who did the modification was logged in, and detailed the individual command the consultant used.

"In the meantime, the consultant's firm went all the way to the directors of the customer company and complained we were fabricating proof against them, when they had done nothing!

"Thirty minutes after they did that, they had to go back to the directors and state that, after seeing the material evidence we had, they did make the change. It was due to an incorrect command being run when they thought they were on the test server, not the live server.

"Knowing the customer, I was able to joke with them that we were hurt by their accusations. I said, 'How dare they accuse us of caring enough about the system to go to all that effort to fabricate the proof?'"

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