IT Resume Makeover: How to give yourself some space

In this month's edition, resume expert Caitlin Sampson helps an IT management consultant expand on his extensive experience while narrowing his focus -- and the move lands him his dream job.

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As a general rule, a resume that's too long will buy you a one-way ticket to the "no" pile. But the opposite is also true; a resume that's too short, or tries to cram too much information into a limited space, will be difficult for a recruiter or hiring manager to follow and could result in rejection, even if your qualifications are top-notch.

Length was the first issue Regal Resumés' Caitlin Sampson, CHRP, CPRW, CEIP and career consultant, tackled when she approached Andrew Lomasky's resume. "Andy's original resume was condensed onto one page, which made the resume difficult to read because of the large blocks of text. Typically a resume can be up to two pages if you are applying for a management position and you have between five and ten years of experience," Sampson says.

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