Why every CIO needs a cybersecurity attorney

With the number of high-profile cyberattacks seeming to increase each month, companies need an attorney focused on cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity has long been one of the main issues keeping CIOs awake at night. Now, with the number of high-profile cyberattacks seeming to increase each month, security is haunting IT leaders during the daytime, too.  

Clearly, bulletproof cybersecurity is a long ways off. Perhaps it won’t ever be achieved. But even with a seemingly impenetrable security system in place, you still need an attorney focused on cybersecurity issues. Sure, internal counsel can help you minimize your company’s legal risks. But partnering with an external firm boasting security expertise can also help the CIO navigate through several unfamiliar legal areas, such as compliance with local, state and national privacy laws and security requirements, civil litigation over data and privacy breaches, and corporate governance.

“The breadth of industries who need this type of counsel has exploded,” says Amy Terry Sheehan, editor in chief of the Cybersecurity Law Report. “Law firms that didn’t have cybersecurity are forming. General practice litigators and corporate attorney advisors will now have familiarity with cybersecurity and data privacy issues.”

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