Not fired, just shifted to a new position

User comes back from a two-week vacation and promptly calls this IT pilot fish with a very large concern.

"He said that his keycard no longer worked and he was afraid he no longer worked here," says fish.

"I asked him if he did anything to his card, and he said no -- he always just keeps it in his wallet. No, he didn't sit on his wallet, either. He keeps it in a cargo pocket on the side of his slacks.

"So I asked him to pull his card out to get the number off it, to look it up in the system. After a bit of difficulty getting it out of his wallet, it came out completely broken in two the long way -- right down the center of the sensor wires inside.

"I took the card and his trifold wallet. With the number of items in his wallet, the pocket where the key card resided no longer folded all the way across the other two. It folded right in the middle of the card.

"Knowing the cause was the contents of his wallet -- and not his performance on the job -- he gratefully took the new card I issued to him and promised to keep it in the center fold of his wallet from now on."

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