Enterprise Java moves back into the spotlight this fall

The annual JavaOne conference, coming this October, will feature a big dose of Java EE content.

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Java EE (Enterprise Edition), which is geared to running large-scale network applications, has taken a backseat lately to Java SE (Standard Edition) as far as the buzz each has been creating. While Java SE 8 was released last year to much fanfare, the last major release of Java EE, version 7, was introduced more than two years ago. But Java EE will take center stage at the upcoming JavaOne conference.

Although the San Francisco conference does not begin until October 25, Oracle already has published session descriptions for the event, which reveal topics including Java EE, Docker, and the Internet of things.

In a session entitled "Java EE 8 Work in Progress," Oracle technical staff member Linda Demichiel will present an overview of Oracle's plans for Java EE 8. Among these plans are enhanced support for HTML5 applications and Web tier features, including server-sent events; JSON enhancements; support for HTTP/2 in Servlet 4.0; and updates to the WebSocket API. Java EE 8 also will get improvements to CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection) alignment, enhancements to security APIs, and continued support for portable cloud applications. The presentation will cover how the platform leverages Java SE 8 as well.

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