Firmware update for Surface 3, Surface Pro 3 triggers error 0x80246013

There are also reports the undocumented update to Windows 10 build 10240 causes an error with the Surface Pro 2

Firmware update for Surface 3, Surface Pro 3 triggers error 0x80246013
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An undocumented firmware update is causing problems for Surface users. First reported by Brad Sams at Neowin, Windows 10 build 10240 users (and possibly others) were offered System Firmware Update - ‎7/‎23/‎2015 on their Surface Pro 3, Surface 3, and possibly Surface Pro 2 machines. On some (but not all) of the machines the update triggers an Error 0x80246013, then rolls back.

Those users running Windows 10 have no option to block the update -- it comes through Windows Update and is thus subject to the new ramrodding rules -- so the firmware update keeps trying to re-install.

Apparently the new Intel HD 5000 drivers install in the same update session. One user, uxo22, reports a confounding combination on Neowin:

My system with 10240 just crashed after update, now it will not boot, citing Video_Scheduler_Internal_error.

I can find no mention of the new firmware update. The Surface Pro 3 update history page doesn't list a firmware update for July; its last update was for June 23. That's led to some speculation that the error customers are encountering today is from the June 23 firmware update, but the error messages are clearly labelled "System Firmware Update - ‎7/‎23/‎2015."

My guess -- and it's only a guess -- is that this firmware update is intended for Windows 8.1 machines, to pave the way for Windows 10. I'd also guess that, if the firmware update is installed on a machine already running the Windows 10 Technical Preview, the installer dies with a 0x80246013.

That's really not a horrible outcome -- with three exceptions. First, if it's tied in with a video driver crash, the machine could end up bricked. Second, Microsoft hasn't documented a bloody thing as best I can tell. Third, if you can't block the update in Windows 10, your machine may be doomed to repeat the whole process every time you reboot.

Patching: It's the Windows 10 Achilles' heel.

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