2 plus 2? 4 (or maybe 5 for large values of 2?)

Pilot fish moves into a subdivision that has a homeowners' association -- and when word gets around that he's a tech, his new neighbors have a request.

"The homeowners' association asked me to build a website to post association business and news," fish says.

"I got a domain and installed WordPress. I then posted on Facebook that the site was up, and users should register so they could post, comment, etc.

"And I installed a big, friendly graphical captcha and set it to minimum security -- a user only had to identify one picture in a group.

"A bit later, there was a post on Facebook from a frustrated user who couldn't get logged in. I asked her if the captcha was the problem. She said yes, it asked her to click on the house.

"I asked if she did so. She replied, 'Well there was a picture of a house, but there was also a picture of a beach that looked like it had a house on it, so I clicked on that.'

"I uninstalled the picture captcha and replaced it with one that required some very simple math."

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