OK, fun's fun, but where's my BIOS?

Support center pilot fish is reviewing case notes from front line support techs when he comes across a user complaint that's even more questionable than usual:

User stated when they got this server six months ago it did not come with enough BIOS to effectively run it. This has been an ongoing issue and it goes down during the middle of the day for no apparent reason.

Tongue planted firmly in cheek, fish forwards the note to a support tech at the next level up for a recommendation.

His response: "OK, please send them more BIOS. They may have gotten one of the servers where we didn't put enough in."

Fish: Do they put that straight into the BIOS tank?

Next-level support: "Only on PE2900s. In the newer models, you have to backfill the BIOS through the BIOS overflow tank. Don't worry, when the CPU warms up it will suck it in."

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