Say, is somebody's phone ringing?

This IT pilot fish's co-worker is very protective of his mobile phone -- which guarantees that everyone else in the office is looking for an opportunity to make him just a little crazy.

And that opportunity comes one day when he leaves the phone unattended on his desk, and someone just happens to walk off with it.

"He had the theme song from a popular TV series as his ring tone," fish says. "We copied his ring tone onto another phone and taped it under his desk, directly below where he puts his phone.

"We then made sure to present him with his phone back. He did a full check on his phone and couldn't identify anything we had done to it.

"Then, every time he put his phone down on his desk, we rang the other phone.

"By the end of the afternoon he was climbing the walls, trying to work out what we had done to his phone. Obviously he could find nothing, as we had done nothing.

"In the end, we let it ring until he could find the other phone, so he could realize what we had done."

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