There's the polite way, and there's the Army way

This IT pilot fish is an Army contractor who has been sent to the Netherlands to upgrade an application system -- and then teach sysadmins about it.

"I had about 25 students for the two-week class, some of whom were locals on the army base there in Rotterdam," says fish. "The Dutch students -- all men -- were very misogynistic and felt a woman could not teach them anything, and as a result were very rude to me, a female instructor."

By the second week of the class, fish has finally had enough of the heckling. She stops the instructional part of the class long enough to tell the hecklers that if they can't keep quiet and let the rest of the class learn, they're welcome to leave.

Of course, that would mean they wouldn't be allowed to take the final exam. Fish knows the class is costing their units a significant chunk of change so they can attend. Will that be enough to quiet things down?

Apparently not. One instigator of the heckling retorts loudly, "You're just a woman, you can't teach us men anything new here" -- oblivious to the woman standing in the open doorway behind him.

That just happens to be the base commander and a full colonel, who has chosen that moment to look in and see how the class is going.

"She called him out of the room, and he was gone about an hour," fish says. "He didn't utter another word to anyone -- even his buddies in the classroom -- for the duration of the class."

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