Really, he's just trying to spread the fun around

IT consultant pilot fish is at a client site where the business has just finished a move -- with the usual aftermath.

"It was just one floor up in the building, and the major part was done in one day," says fish. "But there was still the usual mixture of confusion, annoyance and niggling issues that carry on for a week or so.

"I was in to take care of various issues, when another tenant from the building walked in and said to my client, 'I understand I'm moving into the space you just vacated.'

"After he left, my client -- knowing, as a consultant, I'm always looking for new business -- asked me why I didn't volunteer to work with the new tenant.

"I looked him in the eye and said, 'Because I know what the network wiring you installed there is like. I fought it for ten years. I'm done with it.'"

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