When it comes to mobile apps, IT is ‘slow, poor and weak’

80% of employees say mobile technology is critical to their work

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When 80 percent of employees say mobile technology is critical for getting their job done, but the same number say they haven’t asked their IT department for the apps they need because they don't think they'd get what they need, that’s a sure sign of trouble.

It’s a sure bet that those employees are downloading apps from public app stores that you may or may not be happy with them using. In fact, says Nick McQuire of CCS Insight (whose recent report shows clear frustrations among employees in the six countries they surveyed), nearly a third of employees say they’d make their own app for business and 10 percent already have.

“Basically, employees are doing what they need to,” McQuire told us. “They are sophisticated and they are empowered. And they feel the expectations of customers and their colleagues require them to be more responsive and more mobile in general. They are absolutely blending business and personal usage on a daily basis as a result, because IT is not keeping up and is not attentive to their strategic need to be more mobile.”

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