Opinion by Bart Perkins

IT funding potholes

Don’t keep making the same mistakes year after year

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Organizations should know how to budget and pay for IT products and services — they’ve been doing so for more than 50 years. This is not rocket science. Unfortunately, many organizations continue to make the same mistakes year after year.

Don’t fall into these common funding potholes:

  • Refusing to pay a fair price. Some organizations are too cheap for their own good; they always take the low bid, even when it’s so low that the bidder will struggle to deliver the promised services. While it often makes sense to accept the lowest price when purchasing paper, ink and other commodities, it rarely makes sense to nickel-and-dime the vendor that is implementing a critical new system. In most cases, the cost of a delay or downtime is larger than the amount saved by squeezing the vendor.

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