Review: CliQr clicks for cloud management

CliQr CloudCenter unlocks cloud portability with migration, governance, management, and benchmarking for multiple clouds

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Deploying applications on IaaS clouds such as Amazon can be accomplished much more quickly than buying and configuring physical servers and networking equipment, but it’s still a lot of work. Many products help ease cloud deployment and operations, including platforms as a service such as Bluemix, container systems such as Docker, and scripting engines such as Chef and Puppet. Even so, if you need to move your application to a different cloud platform for better geographical coverage or lower costs, you may see looks of sheer panic from the staff tasked with doing the migration, because their scripts and application configurations will all need to be revamped.

Unfortunately, every IaaS has its own user interface and its own scripting APIs. There is enough in common that an abstraction layer is possible, however, and that’s essentially what CliQr CloudCenter has implemented in its Cloud Smart Orchestrators (CSOs). By working through CSOs from a centralized user interface, CloudCenter gives you a single place from which to deploy applications to many different public and private clouds, with support for cloud migration, governance, management, and benchmarking.

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