What you measure is what you get

Second-level IT support tech on this pilot fish's team needs to have a failed video card replaced, so he does the logical thing: He calls the IT service desk.

"He asks them to open a problem ticket and call the vendor," says fish. "Service desk guy tells him he can open a problem ticket himself.

"Tech replies that he'll just have to assign it to the service desk anyway to contact the vendor, so it would be faster if the service desk does it.

"'You can still open the ticket yourself,' he's told, and the service desk guy ends the call. Tech grumbles, opens a ticket and assigns it to the service desk.

"Another teammate recalls that whenever the service desk is contacted, they must open a ticket. He does a little searching and discovers a ticket related to the call. It's marked resolved with a resolution code of 'Information provided.'

"If the service desk had to open a ticket anyway, why didn't they just take the information and contact the vendor? Because 'Resolving on first contact' is a metric the service desk is measured on. It was to their benefit to refuse to take the problem information and mark it as resolved -- even if it delayed fixing the actual problem."

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