First look: Joyent Triton puts cloud computing on a bare-metal diet

Joyent’s Docker-driven container compute instances are superthin, superfast, and supercheap

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It's been more than a year since Docker began taking over the mind of every devops team in the world with the seductive promise of a special mechanism for bundling software in a lightweight collection of only the essential files. The emphasis here is on "lightweight" and "essential" because this service is redefining how light "light" can be.

Now Joyent is one of the first companies to bring Docker to the cloud marketplace by offering a service called Triton, which lets users start up a Docker container instead of a VM. In the past, Joyent ran a heavier service that started up the Docker container inside of a separate virtual machine, but now the company has put together a mechanism that juggles the containers directly on the metal. Joyent suggests that the code will run faster (generally) and the overhead will be smaller (most of the time). It certainly shows how amazing Docker can be.

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