It's like you can read my mind!

Help desk pilot fish gets a call from a user who tells him that Microsoft Word is "no longer installed on my computer. You need to re-install it."

"I opened our remote support tool and brought up the user's desktop and asked, 'Can you show me what you're experiencing?'" fish says.

"The user said, 'That's it -- you're looking at it. Microsoft Word got uninstalled from my machine.'

"I was grateful that we were on the phone and the user couldn't see my eyeroll. I clicked on the Start Menu, scrolled down to Microsoft Office, found Word, Excel and Outlook, and added their icons back to the desktop and task bar.

"Then I told the user, 'Word wasn't really uninstalled. It looks like your shortcut icon just got deleted from your desktop.'

"User said, 'Oh, you reinstalled Excel and Outlook too? Good -- I was going to tell you they had gotten uninstalled next.'"

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