And the new phone won't even flip open!

It's a decade or so ago, and a Desktop Services manager stops by this IT pilot fish's desk, laughing out loud.

"Seems his favorite BNSC user -- brash, near-sighted complainer -- had done it again," fish says.

"The BNSC had just gotten two new toys: a wireless mouse and a small flip phone for her customers to call, since she was often away from her desk.

"She called to complain that her new mouse was not working. The manager went to her desk, where she was sitting arms crossed and in a foul mood.

"'Here, watch this!,' the BNSC commanded as she spun around in her chair. She leaned in close to her computer and started moving her mouse.

"Only it wasn't her mouse. She'd placed her hand on the small flip phone, which was lying right next to the mouse on the mouse pad.

"Manager asked her to look at her hand and note that she was moving the phone, not the mouse.

"BNSC's retort: 'Oh. Well, you should have told me that to start with!'"

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