Windows 10 release date confirmed -- but with this weird twist

Microsoft to release Windows 10 'SaaS' OS in 58 days, but with one or two missing pieces

windows 10 release date
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Microsoft today confirmed rumors that the Windows 10 release date will be July 29. But oddly, the free download won't be fully-featured: Some stuff, such as the new Edge browser, will be missing or incomplete, relying on future updates to round them out. It also won't support phones yet - only PCs and tablets.

But, hey, it's free (so long as you update within a year). So having your operating system delivered and updated "as a service" is an interesting model, no?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers provide snark as a service. Not to mention: Why does weird text crash my iPhone?

curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Here's Nick "Justin" Statt, just in the nick of time: [You're fired -Ed.]

Microsoft...announced Monday that it will begin offering [the] free upgrade on July 29. ... Windows 10 marks the next iteration of the...operating system [that] powers a majority of personal computers.

Some of the key changes...include a revamped Start button and the removal of the unpopular tablet-focused interface. ... There's also a new browser, Edge, to replace...Internet Explorer, [and] a more robust version of Cortana.

Microsoft executives...have stressed the importance of thinking of...Microsoft software as services, not products.  MORE

As a service? Peter "LaaS" Bright shines a light:

According to sources "familiar with the matter," [Microsoft] is aiming to finalize the Windows 10 code by the end of June. This point would traditionally be known as...RTM, and historically there has been a gap of several months [before] actual end-user availability. ... That timeline is greatly condensed...a reflection of the new approach...Microsoft has used.

But in some sense it isn't feature complete. ... Microsoft [will] continue to update the operating system as part of its new "Windows as a service" approach. ... The stream of preview releases will continue even after launch...Microsoft will be offering early access to Windows 10 features on an ongoing basis.  MORE

The thought of which horrifies Roger "get off my lawn" Kay:

Back in the 1980s, when you bought your copy of DOS for $ paid for it once, and the bits never changed. There was such a thing as software being done. Have you noticed that these days software is never done? Bits are only provisional. They are always being updated.

But if you read a software’d realize that you never owned the bits. When Bill Gates was developing his diabolical formula for software-as-intellectual-property, he made sure that the language [said] the bits were owned by Microsoft. The user was just that: someone authorized to use the bits.  MORE

Microsoft's Terry "excited" Myerson has more:

Today, I’m excited to share the availability date for Windows 10. ... We’re nearly ready to deliver this free upgrade to all of our Windows customers [with] PCs and tablets.

Our vision of more personal computing [is] defined by trust in how we protect and respect your personal information, mobility of the experience across your devices, and natural interactions.

Familiar, yet better than ever...Windows 10 is faster than ever before [and] provides the most secure platform ever...being the only platform with a commitment to deliver free ongoing security updates for the supported lifetime of the device.  MORE

But nmb3000 hates the visuals:

Seriously, what happened here? When did we go completely off the rails and let pea-brained designers start throwing this kind of ******** around, calling it "modern" and "clean". No **** it's clean -- that recycle bin probably took all of 30 seconds to draw with the Line tool.

They're low contrast, simpleton drivel that doesn't even do a good job of representing the objects they're trying to depict. Whoever created them should be fired, along with the manager that approved them.

In fact, Microsoft would be well-served by firing the whole damned "UX" group and replacing this new-age cargo-cult mentality of user interface design with a scientific approach of usability studies and research. You know, that thing they used to do. Let Google and Apple waste their time with that hipster **** if they want to -- normal people and business just want to get **** done and you don't get off on the right foot to do that by making all your icons indistinguishable pale pastel blobs.  MORE

Yet ArmoredDragon has a more nuanced view:

Microsoft's "theme" now is flat UI. A lot of people think that means it just looks clean and simple (like what Google has been doing since...forever,) which is wrong. Flat meaning there's no sense of depth. So no shadows, no overlapping, no gradients, no sense of 3D.

[You say] it's a hipster design that Google and Apple have been doing. Apple yes, Google no. Apple did copy Microsoft, however that was after Microsoft really badly learned from (but did not copy) Google. Microsoft dropped the skeumorphs Google doesn't use flat UI's.

Google's new Material Design specifically includes both overlapping objects and shadows. Simple in appearance? Yes. Flat? No.  MORE

Meanwhile, some pseudonymous people ain't never satisfied:

We know that all the features...will not be there on day 1. So, Microsoft needs to give us a timeline. What features will be coming later, when is windows 10 mobile coming, and when is xbox one getting windows 10?  MORE

And Finally…
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