Leaker of Apple secrets reveals API (maybe a TV)

Tim Cook: Foiled again by Gurman's source

Apple leaker reveals about watch Apple TV

A trusted leaker of secrets recently revealed details about the next release of Watch OS. The source also revealed changes Apple has planned for Apple TV.

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Rumor has it Caitlin McGarry may need to update hardware soon:

Less than a month after Apple Watch began shipping, Apple is already prepping future versions of Watch OS. Apple has a ton of ideas for its most personal device, but some of them might require updated hardware.  MORE

Mark Gurman is a source you can trust:

[A] proven source has disclosed a collection of upcoming Apple Watch software and hardware updates. Currently in development, the features seek to enhance Apple Watch security, connectivity with other Apple devices, health and fitness features, Wi-Fi capabilities, and integration with third-party applications.  MORE

Lisa Eadicicco tells us she heard:

Gurman has a strong track record when it comes to reporting details on upcoming Apple products. He reported accurate information about the Apple Watch and iPhone 6 before both products launched last year.

Here's what his sources are saying about Apple's next big update for the Apple Watch:.  MORE

Rob Attrell just complicated things a bit:

While native third-party applications for the watch might not be coming anytime soon, Apple is said to be allowing select companies, like Twitter, to develop complications for the Watch, showing anything from numbers of mentions to select recent mentions, based on user preference.  MORE

Bryce Roberts gets faked out by Apple:

Apple Watch is a head fake. Their next breakout product is their former hobby -- AppleTV..  MORE

Finally, M.G. Siegler looks for something else to do:

"Hobby" no more.  MORE

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