BitTorrent Bleep -- crypto messaging disgruntles data snoops

Bleep: What are they saying?

Bleep secure messaging app
Methodshop/unpajarito (cc:by-sa)

BitTorrent just released its anonymous messaging app: Bleep, designed to keep messaging and voice data private from the clutches of unknown third parties. Although we could share more about Bleep -- we will have to leave it to bloggers -- others are listening.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers whisper about a cool new app.

Today's humble blogwatcher is .

Informants have revealed this anonymous journalist as Caitlin McGarry:

BitTorrent's anonymous peer-to-peer messaging app Bleep is now available on iOS after almost a year of testing.

You don't need to sign up to use Bleep. Like the chat rooms of the olden Internet days, all you have to do is pick a screenname to get started.  MORE

Dan Thorp-Lancaster whispers in our ears:

BitTorrent Bleep, which launched in alpha form last September, is a privacy-focused messaging app...that keeps messages out of the cloud, instead sending them directly to the recipient with end-to-end encryption. With today's public release, Bleep has also picked up an ephemeral messaging feature called "whisper."  MORE

Cale Guthrie Weissman is all about privacy:

Bleep is all about user privacy.

This means that when you send a message from Bleep it goes directly to the recipient and BitTorrent has absolutely no way of accessing any of that data.

Bleep is [also] available on both Google Play and the App Store.  MORE

Straight from the horse's barely audible mouth:

Bleep's logo represents a folded note -- a message passed directly, hand-to-hand. In our implementation, we keep messages and the encryption keys for images stored on your local device, not the cloud.

Start a Bleep-to-Bleep call with any online contact by tapping the phone icon at the top of your text conversation. Calls are connected directly (no cloud), with end- to-end encryption.  MORE

Timothy J. Seppala should shout about this in Hollywood:

There's protection against screenshotting too. Say a pal captures a particularly sensitive back-and-forth that you'd rather not see the light of day. In that case, usernames are blocked out, but text remains. If they want to reveal who was in on the conversation, only the usernames show and the conversation blurs out.  MORE

Meanwhile Simon Sharwood tries to run but doesn't get far:

The app is free and if BitTorrent has a plan to make a dollar out of it, that's not evident. Nor is its intention to make a working product: the Alpha release for Mac wouldn't run on our machines.  MORE

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