Isn't there a way to make this more complicated?

Flashback to the days before smartphones, when this IT pilot fish is approached by a co-worker who has the same model of mobile phone -- but a different carrier.

"He wanted to borrow my phone," fish says. "It seems that his battery had died, and he didn't have a charger. He needed to get a phone number out of his phone ASAP.

"When he called his mobile carrier, they told him he needed to find another cell phone from the same carrier and model, swap SIM cards and get the phone number out that way. I was the only one he could think of.

"He explained his dilemma to me, and I thought for a minute. Not wanting to tear my phone apart or disable it in any way -- mine didn't have a SIM card -- I simply removed the battery from the back of my phone and handed it to him, telling him to just make his phone call, then give me back my battery.

"Apparently, the mobile carrier hadn't thought of that."

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