Wi-Fi hack can make iPhones reboot...Wi-Fi hack can make iPhones reboot...Wi-Fi hack can make

iPhone Wi-Fi hack: The fun never ends

iOS wireless security hack causes endless reboots.
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Much like penicillin, vulcanized rubber, and the corn flake, a new iOS 8 security flaw has been discovered almost entirely by accident. Researchers from security firm Skycure -- speaking at this week's RSA conference -- told an audience of stunned bloggers how things "just so happened."

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wrap their phones in tinfoil.

Today's humble blogwatcher is .

We find Fred O'Connor constructing a Faraday cage:

A flaw in iOS 8 would allow attackers to render devices running the...OS useless if they're within range of a fake wireless hotspot, according to researchers from security firm Skycure.  MORE

Dan Moren's phone does any ol' thing it feels like:

While it might seem like the simple answer here is not to connect to unknown Wi-Fi access points...researchers found a way to exploit the vulnerability without users explicitly telling their devices to join a network.  MORE

Max Eddy current-ly uses an old router: [You're fired -Ed.]

Skycure CEO Adi Sharabani explained [it all] began when Skycure researchers bought a router and were messing with [its] settings. In doing so, they discovered a particular configuration that caused apps in iPhones connected to that router to crash whenever they launched.  MORE

Strong with the light side of the Force, Lindsey Caldwell is:

Skycure isn't releasing much in the way of technical information about how to create such a rogue Wi-Fi signal, else the technique be used by darkside forces.

Here's a clip from Skycure of the bug in action.  MORE

Meanwhile, Cornelius Rahn reads from The Sacred Scrolls:

With Apple keeping tight control over its [OS] code and the applications that may run on it, attackers targeting mobile devices have concentrated on Google's Android platform. ... [This] bug shows that attackers occasionally get the opportunity to damage Apple customers as well.  MORE

And Finally…
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