But it's so tasteful!

The 40 members of this IT group move into a new office space, and for the most part it's fine. There's just one small problem, says a pilot fish on the scene.

"The office's interior was custom built for us, according to the big boss's specs, of course," fish says. "But the big boss does not like the old whiteboards we used to have on the brand new walls, so the edict goes out not to mount them.

"Everyone complains that they have no whiteboards to have discussions with, so the big boss authorizes, at some expense, to have all the white walls over-coated with whiteboard paint -- basically a liquid whiteboard. The work is done and everyone is happy and we actually have more space, and more convenient space than before.

"However, the big boss does not like these big white spaces (that we are using) and so hires a designer to buy appropriate art to put on the walls.

"She picks some nice but large art pieces to cover these large shiny-paint white spaces.

"This leaves us with the edges of the walls to use as whiteboards. We're left with less space than before -- and the whiteboards we didn't throw out that have to be wedged into corners to use."

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