Windows 10 leaked build 10056 has small but interesting tweaks

The latest leaked build offers a couple of worthwhile improvements -- but it is also frustratingly unstable

Windows 10 leaked build 10056 has small but interesting tweaks
Credit: flickr/eflon

The sun never sets, it seems, on Russian leaker(s) WZor's activities. After leaking Windows 10 build 10051 on April 4, WZor on Friday unleashed a 64-bit build 10056. It's a frustratingly unstable leak with only a few new features, and for that reason I don't recommend you bother with it. But if you're still determined, look for


crc32: 870e97e8
md5: 09676fbe81b7b05a731f1cb6189e7559
sha-1: A024a3ba78ef5e9e5660f3b410d35b1304a7a163

The big news -- tongue only slightly in cheek -- is the ability to resize the Start menu. You can adjust it vertically in small increments, but trying to drag things the other way is limited to big swaths of tiles: Groups of tiles remain three wide, and you can only add or remove entire columns. I also had no luck making the Start menu skinny enough that no tiles were showing.

Windows froze on me frequently when resizing the Start menu. It was frustrating, but what do you expect from a leaked Canary circle build?

The Weather app (still called MSN Weather) shows less bling and more, well, weather. When you click on the clock in the system tray, there's a digital clock with a more finger-friendly way to scroll through the months. Tablet Mode has a few new tweaks, including the ability to hide app icons on the taskbar while in Tablet Mode. The taskbar doesn't go away -- you still have the Home, Search, and Task View/Virtual desktop icons, along with the system tray -- but the icons disappear.

All of the old problems are still there -- Microsoft has yet to show us a nascent People app, for example -- but there's a little bit of sizzle in the new version.

I was taken in by a report that build 10056 includes a completely new version of Solitaire/Klondike. Wrong. A tweet by @tomwarren set me straight. In fact, the version of Solitaire that's in build 10056 is very similar (if not identical) to the one in Windows 8.1. You just have to retrieve it from the Windows Store.

There's was talk a month ago about Microsoft setting up a "crazy fast" release ring for Windows 10 builds. I'd say there's no need. With weekly leaks from the Russians, the builds are coming fast enough for any die-hard. As I've said before, if WZor isn't on Microsoft's payroll, he should be.

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