That's not the hat I was wearing when you asked

This pilot fish is the go-to guy for antivirus issues at his company, and he's painfully aware that there are a few gaps in the protection.

"I can attest to the fact that there have been many emails, phone calls and one-on-one meetings with the department head to discuss the status of antivirus protection," fish says.

"Without fail, every client desktop is protected with the latest version of an industry-standard solution, as well as definition updates.

"The problem is mainly with the servers. Many of them are used to process critical business information, but a good portion of the servers are using an antivirus solution that is years out of date, or missing completely -- never installed!

"All the servers fall under the control of the network engineers that are assigned to the company, so when the opportunity presented itself one day, I asked an engineer how a server could go unprotected with antivirus.

"He said, 'Many of our servers run applications that sometimes conflict with antivirus when we install the application. So we like to set up the server, install the applications that are needed, then we leave the installation of antivirus up to the person responsible for the server.'

"My reply to that very informative comment: 'Uh, isn't your department responsible for the servers?'"

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