MAGIC gold MacBook: Apple's light laptop (heavily COMPROMISED)

Apple MacBook: Super, magical, superlative

NBC Classics/YouTube
NBC Classics/YouTube

Light, golden, pleasing to the eye -- no, it's not a breakfast biscuit or supermodel -- it's Apple's newest MacBook. That's the good news. The bad news: Most impressions of Apple's magic machine sound as if the reviewer continued on from yesterday's piece about the new Apple Watch. Rinse. Repeat.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers have been up for a day straight.

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Jason Snell pushes technology forward:

Apple's often been a company that pushes new technology into a world that's reluctant to receive it or doesn't know what to make of it.

This approach has its strengths and weaknesses. Apple has rightfully gained a reputation for being on the cutting edge. Its designs push the entire computer industry forward—sometimes kicking and screaming. But it can be painful to live on the cutting edge.  MORE

Back from the future, Joanna Stern reviews a MacBook:

[The MacBook, available starting today], Apple has imagined a laptop reduced to its essentials -- a sharp, insanely thin screen, a flattened keyboard panel and a magical new glass trackpad.

But as ahead of its time as the MacBook is, there's a slight problem: You have to use it right now.  MORE

Frustrated, Andrew Cunningham wavers between a MacBook and iPad Air 2:

The base model MacBook posts CPU performance numbers that are just north of a 2011 MacBook Air. If you need a little more CPU power, Apple offers both a Core M-5Y51 and 5Y71 as upgrade options.

If you're already frustrated by the lack of noticeable improvement in CPU performance between the 2013, 2014, and 2015 Airs, the new MacBook will only disappoint you.

Another interesting thing to note...the MacBook's multi-core CPU performance is nearly identical to that of the iPad Air 2.   MORE

Then Tim Bajarin, barges in with a personal anecdote:

Not long after the iPad came out, I was one of those people who thought it could replace my laptop. I bought a third party Bluetooth keyboard and tried to make it a mini laptop. [It] actually worked well for taking notes, checking email and surfing the Web.

When I saw the new MacBook, [I realized] it kind of looked like my iPad/keyboard mini laptop but now had a full sized keyboard, a 12 inch screen and, more importantly, the full Mac OS X experience.

The new MacBook is actually a game changer for the industry for numerous reasons. The first is it helps usher in the era of the ultra-thin laptop.  MORE

To move Katherine Boehret's laptop, heavy lifting is required:

[The] MacBook...manages to make the svelte MacBook Air look almost chunky, which is saying a lot.

It comes in silver, gold and space gray...the first...color other than aluminum to the laptop since its white MacBook in 2011. I tested the gold MacBook, which matches the iPhone's bling-tastic golden hue.

But I think this MacBook is too extreme -- and too expensive -- for a lot of people right now.  MORE

Meanwhile, Steve Kovach still has the golden touch:

New MacBook reviews: Sounds like another new Apple gadget that you shouldn't buy right now.  MORE

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