TROLLS: Did we mention that Putin and the YotaPhone are GREAT?

Putin: Trolls...what trolls? (CC BY 3.0)
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You may want to think twice the next time you read glowing online reviews about Russian smartphones. According to reports, a former Russian KGB officer named Vladimir has created a triving industry in Russia, Slavic-ly devoted to promotion of all things...Vladimir, including his Russian made phone.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers fondly remember the Cold War.

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Instead of a bridge, Peter Holden tells us trolls prefer getting paid under a table:

We've known for some time now that Russia employs a small legion of online writers -- trolls -- to advance political agendas, but rarely do we get a look inside. The Guardian was able to meet with people who've worked for the group, and even saw a list of the group's objectives: promote Vladimir Putin, smear the US, and, apparently, promote Russia's best-known smartphone.

The YotaPhone 2 is already a well-liked device, but...trolls have [allegedly] been given cash under the table to secretly write and post positive reviews.   MORE

Alyssa Bereznak sings Adoration of the Vladi: [Eww. You're fired -Ed.]

Here's one way to win the adoration of the Internet: launch an entire agency dedicated to making you look good.

The Kremlin allegedly runs a troll agency in a nondescript building in St. Petersburg, employing hundreds of paid bloggers and commenters to mock Western leaders...and spread pro-Russian sentiment.  MORE

Shaun Walker trebles the effectiveness of a troll:

The trolls worked in teams of three. The first one would leave a complaint about [something] or simply post a link, then the other two would wade in, using links to articles on Kremlin-friendly websites and "comedy" photographs lampooning western or Ukrainian leaders with abusive captions.

Other task sheets demand glowing reviews of the YotaPhone, a Russian-made smartphone, abuse [of a] former US state department spokeswoman, and three relate to Ukraine and the west's plans there.  MORE

Meanwhile, Sascha Segan implores you to be skeptical:

The fact that the troll house is promoting a Russian phone doesn't shock me. We know that the Chinese government has similar legions of paid propaganda posters, mostly on Chinese-language forums. If they're paid to promote Chinese products and services over foreign-made gadgets and sites, well, I wouldn't be too surprised.

[Out] there in the realm of drive-by anonymous posting, anyone could be paid by Vladimir Putin. So be skeptical. For your own sake.  MORE

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