Microserfs LAUGH: EU will reportedly take Google to court for ANTITRUST crimes

EU: Throwing a tantrum or the book?

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After a hiatus of eleven years, the EU is reportedly set to take a huge, powerful, American technology company to court for alleged antitrust violations. Microsoft again? Nope. This time the apple (not yet, anyway) of the EU's antitrust eye is trained firmly on Google.

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Mariella Moon shines light on an antitrust case:

Google might have avoided going to court over antitrust charges in the US, but it could still face a lawsuit in Europe. According to the Wall Street Journal, the European Commission has started asking companies that filed complaints against Google's practices for permission to publish the details in those documents.  MORE

In the past, Jamie Condliffe denied all wrongdoing:

In the past, Google has denied anti-competitive behavior, pointing to product failures -- Google+, anyone? -- as a sign that competition is alive and well. Officials at the EU disagree.

What will come of the charges if they materialize remains to be seen. Competition cases are heard by the EU commission, which acts judge and jury in competition cases, and appeals are rarely overturned.  MORE

In the UK, Alexander J Martin finds a flash-frozen courtroom:

A lawsuit against Google over alleged search manipulation has been adjourned, after a judge ruled it was "inappropriate" to hold the trial while the European Commission was pursuing its anti-trust case.

[Reportedly] a High Court trial "between Infederation...and Google, has been postponed until July 2016 after the court received two confidential letters from the Commission which gave an update on the state of their investigation".  MORE

Some believe Google got awfully lucky with the FTC, so says Ryan Lynch:

One of the biggest mysteries in the regulatory world is why companies spend so much money lobbying the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Department of Justice (DoJ) for favorable treatment.

After all, even the smartest businesses...must be throwing their money away, because political influence has no effect on investigations and reviews.

Or so the agencies say.  MORE

This case sounds strangely familiar to Justin Diaz :

If the EU ends up taking Google to court...it would mark the European Union's biggest case surrounding antitrust laws since they previously filed charges against Microsoft which was submitted back in June of 2004.  MORE

Mario Mariniello bellies up to a think tank:

The Google antitrust investigation and the case for internet platform regulation in Europe event.  MORE

Meanwhile, Matt Rosoff goes BOOM:

ICYMI: The antitrust ruling against Microsoft was the top of the dot-com boom. History could repeat itself w/ Google.  MORE

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