Why would we need him again?

This big insurance company always has multiple big software projects going at the same time, reports a pilot fish working there as an on-site software contractor.

"I was on one project, and the woman across the aisle from me was on another," fish says. "I knew from talking with her that her project had just implemented a few weeks before, and they were now in a post-implementation support phase.

"One morning her manager was in her cubicle, and was somewhat upset about a database issue that had cropped up in her project. At one point, he asked her who the person was who knew the most about these databases and how they were being updated.

"My across-the-aisle coworker replied back with the guy's name -- and then added, 'He was let go two weeks ago in the post-implementation staffing adjustments.'

"It grew deathly quiet. The company had a history of cutting contractors loose once a project ended. In this case, maybe it was not so smart.

"I saw the manager leave her cubicle out of the corner of my eye. He looked quite unhappy -- and my coworker had an 'I told you not to do that' smile."

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