Think maybe her boss was on the call?

This IT pilot fish and his co-worker are sitting at their respective desks when the phone rings. It's a user -- and she's a lot less sociable than usual.

"There was none of the usual chit-chat," fish says. "Just a question: 'So, where are we at with the SOP updates?'

"She was on speaker phone, and I looked at my co-worker, who looked back at me. I put the user on hold while we quickly looked back through help desk tickets.

"And we found it. Five months prior, we had told them directly what they needed to do, and then to forward it to IT.

"Five months later, there was still no response.

"I picked up the line and let her know about that timeline.

"'Oh.' Click."

Sharky won't let your boss in on anything -- I'll file off the identifying marks from your true tale of IT life. So send it to me at You'll get a stylish Shark shirt if I use it. Add your comments below, and read some great old tales in the Sharkives.

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