Apple Watch buyers, STEP ASIDE for first class

Apple Watch: By appointment only?


A computer in nearly every home? Check. An Edition watch in every mansion? Not yet, but Apple is working on it. A recently leaked Apple document supposedly states that desirability of the Edition watch isn't necessarily defined by price or elitism. But let's get real.

Shouldn't Apple Watch Edition customers be entitled to a little preferential treatment? After all, a "six pack of Rolexes" could easily be purchased for the price of a top-end Edition watch. That's mucho dinero for an item that will probably end up obsolete in a few years.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers watch resale values drop.

Today's humble blogwatcher is .

Mark Gurman launches a new watch...from a catwalk:

After hiring a new team of fashion sales and marketing experts from Yves St. Laurent, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry, Apple has developed a unique Apple Store purchasing experience just for the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition, according to sources briefed on the launch plans.  MORE

Stefan Vazharov hopes he isn't placed on hold:

[Users] shelling out the eye watering asking price for the gold Apple Watch...will have access to a special Edition phone support line, which will be available around the clock for two years (three years with AppleCare+).

Apple Watch Edition buyers [will] have an hour to try different [watch versions] a private area with an expert to help. "Ordinary" Apple Watch buyers will have only fifteen minutes on table in a retail store.  MORE

Jon Fingas lets them eat cake:

[Reports suggest] Apple won't save everything for its wealthiest customers. If you buy either the regular stainless steel Watch or the Edition, you'll have the option of "virtual personal setup" that has an Apple Store staffer guiding you through your new wristwear using video chat.  MORE

David Murphy won't be able to try on a six-pack:

Owing to their price, and Apple's fear over potential theft, [customers] will normally only be able to try on two Apple Watch Edition devices at once. If they opt for a third, that's a judgment call by Apple Store employees.  MORE

Tim Bradshaw isn't necessarily rolling his eyes:

Apple Watch Edition: not *necessarily* defined by elitism...  MORE

Meanwhile, Sarah Evans craves soup:

"NO WATCH FOR YOU!"...Apple Watch for Sale in Retail Stores by Reservation Only, No Walk-Ins  MORE

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