REVEALED: Google 'Pony Express' payment plan (via leaked doc)

Google 'Pony Express' bill-pay service -- better late than never?

Wikimedia (CC)
Wikimedia (CC)

If you've never used the bill pay service of a bank, or refuse to bookmark utility-company Web pages, then perhaps Google's rumored 'Pony Express' bill-pay service -- revealed in a recently leaked document -- might be for you.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers pay down debts.

Today's humble blogwatcher is .

Jason Del Ray works on a new project:

[Google] is currently working on a project that will allow Gmail users to more easily receive bills in their email inbox instead of their mailbox. Called Pony Express, the service also is designed to let people pay their bills within Gmail, rather than having to go to a telecom or utility company’s website to complete a payment.  MORE

Let me tell you about Richard Nieva's naked ambition: [You're fired -Ed.]

Google has been increasingly ambitious in its efforts to move beyond its dominant search engine business. A strong foothold in financial services could give people another reason to stick with Google's products. It's not clear what Google would do with the data it could collect from the service.  MORE

Chloe Albanesius enjoys convenience:

[Pony Express] could make the bill-paying process a bit more convenient, but it would also mean giving up your personal details to Google, or whatever service it works with.

One feature that might be of note to those with roommates is a share function that lets you pay a portion of a certain bill.  MORE

But a huge target is painted on Chance Miller's inbox:

Google’s reasoning for launching...Pony Express seems apparent. The company could use the data it further improve ad-targeting. The financial data it collects could also be used to ease the company into even more fields, such as direct selling of insurance plans to users.  MORE

Concerned about privacy, Dustin Earley pays bills in person:

With Google having access to any of this information, privacy concerns would be sure to sprout up as soon as Pony Express went live. It's unclear how Google would profit from Pony Express, but it's safe to assume it fits into Google's vision for how the company wants to position itself in finance over the next several years.  MORE

Meanwhile, John Callaham counts down to a fourth quarter launch (maybe):

"Pony Express" could launch sometime in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to Re/code but Google has yet to confirm this report. The company is already allowing Gmail users in the US, and more recently in the UK, to transfer money to other people via Google Wallet.

If this service goes live, it may have to compete with similar services such as the Snapcash feature in Snapchat and Square Cash, which are currently limited to just transferring money to other people.  MORE

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