Review: Aerospike kicks scale-out NoSQL into high gear

Aerospike Server leverages memory and SSDs to bring extremely high throughput to a flexible, scalable key-value database

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In this new world of scale-out, clustered NoSQL databases that process thousands -- even millions -- of transactions per second, good cache management is critical for good performance. Service I/O requests from RAM whenever you can; service I/O requests from spinning disks only when you must.

Aersospike takes this principle to its logical extreme -- service all requests from RAM -- and even goes a step further: By leveraging the benefits of SSDs, Aerospike amplifies the performance and scalability of an otherwise all-RAM database. Aerospike does not completely ignore the utility of spinning disks, but "traditional" hard disks do not participate in the moment-to-moment activity of an Aerospike cluster. Instead, they serve as backup media for data protection in the event of catastrophic failure.

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